We HIT OUR GOAL to raise $25,000 as start up funds for the first ADU in the back yard of our community members! We are working with the city to take next steps! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

Amount Raised - $25,000 / $25,000 100%

In My Back Yard

For the last year Mill City Church has been discerning our role in the housing and homelessness crisis in our city. We are beginning some experiments the discernment team is really excited about. 

We have learned of a movement that suggests why this crisis is difficult to solve: NIMBY

Which stands for: Not In My Back Yard

For social and economic reasons some people don’t want affordable housing and the previously homeless to be in their neighborhoods or near where they live. Sometimes people even organize to keep diversity and low income housing units out of their neighborhoods. 

But what if we flipped that script, what if we said…

IMBYIn My Back Yard!

A partnership with Yard Homes (ADU builders), the YMCA and Mill City Church mean that there can be more homes, for more people, in more places! 

Accessory Dwelling Units

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a smaller, independent residential dwelling unit located on the same lot as a stand-alone single-family home or other building (like a church!)

In Our Own Backyards

Would you consider putting an ADU in your back yard? If so, let us know! Not all cities and properties are eligible – but it won’t hurt to look into it if you feel like it’s something you may be called to do! Let us know here

In The Mill City Commons Backyard

We are exploring putting 4 or 5 ADUs on our property at the Mill City Commons! There may be costs associated with this project, but will not be as significant as raising the $100,000 – $125,000 – The funds will be raised through the Yard Homes network!

IMBY Training

Developed by our friends in Canada: IMBYHomes.org 


Part 1 – 6 Minutes


Part 2 – 6 Minutes


Part 3 – 8 Minutes


Part 4 – 7 Minutes


Part 5 – 8 Minutes

Making ADU's Easier to Build and Why It's important

The first 20 minutes – one hour


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